Advertise Your Franchise: Avenues You Need To Start Thinking About

Advertising your franchises in Canada can be a rewarding yet stressful experience. With the advent of the Internet, it's not just as simple as placing an ad in your local newspaper or buying advertising space on a billboard or television.

Go Viral

Franchises in Canada that want to succeed in today's world need to introduce their product to the YouTube generation. Something as simple as a music video or a funny skit placed on YouTube and advertised in other social networking venues can draw millions of views in a week. You can easily insert your Youtube video in your listing.

A lot of the most successful viral commercials advertise the franchise in a way that isn't too pushy. Take Keith Stone from "Keystone Light". He paired up with skit website FunnyOrDie to make sits and Keystone Light is only mentioned once or twice in them. However, their brand has already seen more success than ever due to their viral Internet and TV commercials.

Be Part of The Club

Business cards, stickers, other promotional products. Use them to advantage. Franchises in Canada that are successful are also well-known through these methods. If you're an up-and-coming franchise, even printing a few bumper stickers can draw attention to your company and your website. Throw in a button or a sticker or a stamp with your merchandise. Make people feel as though they're part of a "special club" for using your brand.

Target, Target, Target

Franchises in Canada won't get very far if they don't expose their franchise and products to the right demographic. If your product is geared toward hip teenagers, you won't want to be trying to place ads on TV during reruns of "The Avengers." Find out who is buying your product or simply looking at it. Strong SEO, along with products like Google Analytics, can help you determine just who is interested in what you're doing. If you have more of a broad product, you have the freedom to brand your franchise in different manners. Know your audience and target them.

Heard It From A Friend Who....

Franchises in Canada may be interested to know that many restauranteurs and caterers abide by a "rule of 200." If something goes very well or goes very badly, the statistics usually point out that through the customer whispering down the lane, about 200 people will find out about it. That number may be larger now that many folks have thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook. Make your first impression the best impression and make every client or customer feel special. They'll only encourage more business to your franchise through referrals.

Act As If

It worked in the film "Boiler Room." Now make it work for your franchises in Canada. The best way to figure out if your advertising is going to work is to act like you're a customer. Research the advertising of your competition or of other franchises that are in your size and income range. Act like you're a customer. Walk a kilometer in their shoes and you might discover things you never saw before.