King of Clean: 5 Franchises That Clean and Organize

Starting a business based on your passions will help you stay motivated. Many small business owners try to start a cleaning or home organizing company on their own. However, you can build off of the success of a well-established brand while enjoying the freedom of running your own business. There are a number of options for a organization or cleaning franchise in Canada. Compare the costs and earning potential for each opportunity to find the perfect brand for your new business.

Sell My Stuff Canada

You can help families and individuals move without stress by starting your own Sell My Stuff company. You won't need to purchase expensive moving trucks or find strong employees. A Sell My Stuff franchise focuses on downsizing. Anyone planning to move to a smaller home will need to sell off some of their belongings or spend hundreds of dollars on storage space. You would be responsible for setting up the sale, organizing and cataloguing the items they want to downsize and overseeing the big day.

Messy Maid

If you want a head start for a successful home cleaning company, join the Messy Maid team. The company has worked hard for years to develop a brand that is recognizable. You will receive branded marketing materials that help you snag dozens of customers. Full training is also available, allowing anyone with determination to become a skilled housekeeper. You will also have access to a private inventory of supplies that are more affordable than other suppliers for business owners.

Stor-X Organizing Systems

Help everyone in your neighborhood organize their homes with the complete systems sold through Stor-X. You only need sales and service skills to succeed with this franchise. The parent company designs custom storage and organization equipment for every part of the home. They also send out a trained installer and can provide you with everything you need to succeed in just a week. Your customers will love the green initiatives of the company, while you will enjoy working with a product that sells itself.


Franchise owners in the U-Box-It system work hard to help customers gain control of their homes again and remove clutter. Your customers will order large and durable cardboard boxes from the company, fill them with junk and then you just pick them up and take them to the designated drop off points. The box is very large, making it an affordable option for anyone who needs junk removal.

Maid Simple

If you want to start a business without a large initial investment, try the Maid Brigade opportunity. This cleaning franchise company provides complete training, equipment and sales for you. They can provide leads and won't require you to lease office space just to own your own business. You won't even have to bill your customers when working with the Maid Brigade.