Giving New Franchisees the Head Start They Need

The onboarding process and franchisee training is the most important role for a Franchisor. Studies show that ‘onboarding’ programs can improve employee retention by 14% and engagement by 10%; The brand is the kernel of a successful franchise business and the training program is essential to bring a new employee into a company and getting them up to speed in their role.

Providing an effective onboarding and training program should include the following:

Time and Location

For an effective onboarding, choose an appropriate location to conduct the training program. This usually takes place at an existing franchise location and at the Franchisor’s corporate headquarters. The training should be conducted during the beginning of the franchise business and could last between one to four weeks.


Set up a meeting with an existing franchisee to greet the new hire. Other franchisees can provide the most valuable information, giving the new franchisee a chance to ask any question he/she may have. Also, having a peer that has already gone through the process will give the new franchisee a sense of calmness and self-assurance.

Franchise operations manual

A strong franchise training program should include a manual of information of everything that the franchisee needs to know. The manual should provide relevant information on; franchise products/services, obtaining equipment and supplies, finding a location, hiring and retaining employees, quality control mechanisms, legal issues, and good business practices in general.

Ongoing training

It is important conduct ongoing and refresher training. New policies and procedures change over time, and it is the Franchisor’s job that the franchisees are complying with corporate franchise standards.

Proficiency testing

Testing the franchisee at the end of the onboarding process is important to see if the franchisee retained the required information and procedures, and if you the Franchisor did a good job of training. The testing should consist of both practical and written tests. Starting a franchise can be stressful. Help make it a smooth onboarding for new franchisees by planning an effecting onboarding and training program.

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