Is A Work From Home Based Franchise Right For You?

More people across Canada are working from home. This business model is the perfect choice for many people; but is a home based business franchise the right choice for you?

  • Flexibility: A lot of flexibility comes with a home based business franchise. You can work in your pajamas. You can work late at night or in the wee early morning hours. You can listen to music.
    • However, too much flexibility can undermine your efforts. It is good to also have some structure. Create a schedule, establish a routine and stick with them.
  • Better health: You can set aside time for a daily walk, run or swim. You can stock your kitchen with healthy food and eat balanced meals.
  • Savings on clothing: Even in a "business casual" office, there is a large expense involved in proper attire. With a home based business franchise, you can always dress casually.
    • Working in your pajamas sounds good, but studies indicate it is not very productive. Get up, take a shower, get dressed -- you don't have to wear high heals or a neck tie, unless you want to.
  • More time with family: You can be more available to your family when you are working a home based business franchise. You can have that healthy lunch with your kids. But, be sure your family understands you are working and should not be interrupted needlessly.
  • It could be lonely: If you are a person who thrives on social interaction or office camaraderie, a home based business might not be ideal.
  • The day can be monotonous: Take regularly scheduled breaks away from your work space -- and don't eat your meals in your home office.
  • A dedicated work space is important: Don't use your dining room table as your office. You need a dedicated room or area where you go specifically to work; and you can leave at the end of your work day.

Be honest with yourself, if a home based business isn’t right for you, there are alternatives where you can be your boss with more structure. However, if after careful review of these points you are still considering a home based business franchise, then congratulations, you are past your first hurtle.