How to Avoid Employee Demoralization in Your Franchise

A Canadian franchise has a lot of moving parts that affect its overall success, and one of them is definitely the employees. Even if you just have one employee right now--or haven't hired yet, but will--it pays to know how to avoid denting their morale.

Turnover is costly and can have a devastating impact on your business, so it's important to be aware of what not to do if you want to keep staff in your business.


Not spending enough time with staff

You don't want your good employees to feel as if they are abandoned or completely on their own. However, this is exactly what can happen if you fail to spend enough time with them. When you don't invest time and show employees that they are valuable, they will not invest their time with you.


Expecting engagement to just happen

Employee engagement doesn't happen organically, but some employers think that it does, leaving staff to develop those key relationships as part of their job responsibilities. Engagement needs to be a goal that is there for the entire company to achieve, and it needs to be actively driven, starting right at the top with you.


Not investing in staff over time

When the support for your employees is gone, engagement disappears right with it. This is because your staff will feel as if the company does not support them or their goals. It helps to think of your employees are investments; they will deliver dividends over time, so you will have to spend the time and resources needed to build them up.

Keeping staff turnover low is not an easy task, and there are going to be some employees you will lose no matter what you do to keep them at your company. But when employees feel engaged, valued and supported at your franchise, you have a better shot at keeping your top players and attracting new employees who fit into your culture when the need arises. Happy employees are often among the best ambassadors for your brand to the world.

The challenge of keeping good employees at your business rests with you and not them, so it's important to build and keep morale high across your franchise. This means taking action and following through on your employee goals, so you can guide your team and your business to success.