How to nurture the leads you generate

Every click on your website or social media feed, every search for your brand on Google, and every phone call that a potential customer makes to your business is a lead. Not all leads result in a sale, however, so it is important to identify which leads have potential so you can nurture them, maintain their interest and help them create lasting and positive associations with your brand.

As a franchisee, it is particularly important that you use effective lead nurturing tactics to ensure the customers that you attract remain loyal to your brand and are not enticed away by your competitors. It is essential to remember that overwhelming your leads is a bad idea. Instead of bombarding them with information, plan your lead nurturing strategy with care.


What is lead nurturing?

This is the process through which you engage and build meaningful relationships with prospective customers. You do this by providing them with relevant, timely information to support and encourage them to purchase from your brand.

The most successful lead nurturing strategies are those that do not try to sell anything but instead forge connections through correctly identifying and understanding the problem a customer wants to solve and explaining how the brand can help them.

Leads that have been appropriately nurtured are more likely to remain loyal to the brand, make repeat sales and recommend the brand to others.


Here is a look at how to nurture leads.


Email them

When a customer signs up for your newsletter, they are hoping for tips, advice and early access to promotions. They want to learn more about your business, its products and the people behind the scenes. When they feel comfortable with your brand and its presence in their lives, they are more inclined to make the purchasing decisions you are hoping for.

Automated email marketing campaigns can be targeted to provide relevant and valuable content to your subscribers. It is a low-cost and low-effort way of maintaining a presence in the lives of potential consumers. Send blog posts, links to new products and tailored promotions to increase engagement.


Engage with them

When potential customers contact you through your website or social media, respond quickly. Answer their questions, provide them with useful links and information, and explain why your product satisfies a need in their lives.

You can use social media very effectively to grow your reach by encouraging participation in your posts and always responding to each customer to thank them or encourage conversations.


Deal with their problems

The best way to turn a lead into a loyal, repeat customer is to deal effectively with their problems. If they encounter any difficulties during the ordering process, the product doesn't satisfy their needs or they need help to make it work, work with them to achieve a satisfactory outcome. They will remember the effort you made and reward it with positive feedback and continued support.