Introducing Clip ‘n Climb as a business opportunity post covid-19

The covid-19 pandemic has unprecedented records and is shattering the economic order. Being locked down however opens new possibilities for individuals looking for a business opportunity.

Use this time to step up the search for that business you have been thinking about for some time by being forward-looking and undertaking some due diligence, getting ahead of the game.

History has already demonstrated that the best time to invest and grow is after an economic downturn. After the 2008 and 2010 recessions, we have seen a significant increase in business for entertainment venues. We know that the attractions industry is highly resilient as the numbers of visitors proved it (TEA, 2009).

Clip ‘n Climb is the original creator and international leader of the fun climbing market. We have created a thrilling experience loved by millions. Thanks to our experience and appealing products, we have today more than 300 facilities open worldwide. The brand is ideally positioned as existing businesses or new business enterprise to meet and thrive in the ‘new normal’. We have built up a profile that is synonymous with fun, quality and safety. We offer a profitable business opportunity. Our operators are able to deliver a fun, safe yet thrill-seeking activity and envision Clip ‘n Climb as a healthy activity, to socialize and live a memorable experience.

Once the situation eases, different speculations can be made with countries and communities starting to get back to work and freedom of movement.


·         New ways of consumption

The economic uncertainty and changes in our personal finances will encourage individuals to be more cautious in spending money on items or activities that are deemed non-essential. During experiences with similar disruptions, the response from the public was to limit spending to local activities, search out value and “safe” activities.

Although Clip ’n Climb is the world’s biggest fun climbing brand most of the facilities are owned by local people or operated by local authorities, and obviously all jobs help the local economy. Our facilities are proud to return value back to the local community.

Governments and local authorities might come up with post lockdown rules and financial arrangements to help the economy gradually get back to where it was. Do not hesitate to contact your bank advisors or local, regional, national economic aid funds to get more information about the different options that may be available to you.


·         Changed perceptions

We are all excited about the end of restrictions and have a strong desire to spend quality time with family and friends. People will develop new consumption habits to make sure they respond to their thirst of adventure and fun in a safe manner. What a better occasion to own a business that encourages this in the sportainment market?  Clip ‘n Climb offers a healthy activity for all ages in a controlled environment.

Individuals might not feel comfortable with the idea of gathering in stadiums or large venues where a lot of people happen to cross paths. They would rather visit small venues and activities with fewer people. The size of a Clip ‘n Climb arena is adjustable according to your situation and potential restrictions put on size of groups.

As a new investor opening a Clip ‘n Climb facility, you would have access to an on-going support from us and our existing network of operators through a dedicated extranet to exchange experiences, resources and ideas. Our teams will work with you to accompany you in the creation of your project including marketing strategies and operational guidelines.

If you are interested in Clip ‘n Climb, visit their listing here at  and contact them to be part of their success story!