Need to Work Part-Time? There are Still Canadian Franchise Opportunities for You

If you need to limit your working hours or want to start a business while keeping your day job, it's entirely possible with a Canadian franchise. Many franchises are not restricted to weekday commitments or physical store hours. In fact, several opportunities can be customized to fit your part-time criteria.

Of course, as with any new franchise, you still need to find a brand that interests you and fits your working style, but you will find plenty of part-time options in the following franchise categories.


Mobile and more

Since mobile franchises don't require that you have a storefront somewhere, you can operate out of your home. You'll also be able to choose your availability hours in most cases. From tree services to home cleaning, you can set appointment scheduling that matches when you are available.

The same sort of flexibility may apply to other nontraditional franchise formats, such as kiosks and pop-ups. Be sure to explore all the options in the mobile category; you never know what may be out there!


Broker and consultant services

Franchises in the consultant or broker segment tend to consist of personal services that are offering one-on-one services to clients. Because of this, you can schedule meetings for the times and days that work for you.


Travel agents and real estate

While travel agents are a more obvious candidate for a home-based business, there are many real estate services that you can do part time, including inspections, estate sales and even some home repair services.


The benefits of going part-time

Of course, you are likely considering part-time franchise ownership for personal reasons, such as wanting to spend more time with your family or deciding to stay in your current job until you're sure a franchise will work for you. But there are more advantages to running a part-time business than meeting your own goals. This can, for example, be more a more financially sound decision. Having a side income puts you in a better position if the economy dips and you lose your current day job, and the costs of running a part-time franchise are usually lower than the expenses of a full-time one.

Regardless of your reasons for exploring part-time franchise opportunities, going with this type of business ownership could boost your wallet and your career options. Once you decide how to meet your financial and personal goals, you'll likely be happy with the part-time franchise you've decided to invest in.