4 Ways to Keep Yourself on the Path to a Franchise

Becoming a goal-oriented person is pretty much a requirement for a successful Canadian franchise, and luckily, it isn't as hard as it seems. Try the techniques below to get more done in your daily life and get yourself ready for your new franchise business.


Get the framework in place


A new house build usually doesn't get simply bolted together; there's a frame out first. You can do the same with your goals by creating a visual image of where you want to be in 2019. Draw a bubble or box at the top of a page and label it "Now," and make another box or bubble at the bottom of the page and label that "Franchisee." In the empty middle of the page, create a list of manageable goals and tasks that will get you from now to franchisee. It's much easier to be motivated when you have a plan down on paper, particularly one that has goals that you can realistically accomplish.


Seek out advice


You probably have a business owner or two in your social circle who you've been meaning to talk to, and now is the time. Contact them and offer to treat them to coffee or lunch to discuss what owning a business is like, and be sure to have your questions ready.


Set up a support group


Running a franchise will require a support group. It can be made up of family, friends and/or advisors. Share your plans with those inside and outside your circle, particularly the people whose insight, experience and advice you trust. This will help motivate you to move forward with your plan and can also help you avoid mistakes early on.


Collect your thoughts


While this is simple to do, it's an effective way to keep yourself motivated. Every day, perhaps right before bed, review all the progress you have made. Replay the wins that are driving you toward your goal of becoming a franchisee. Reflecting on what you've accomplished so far will keep you moving forward and help propel you even when you've suffered a setback.


Getting and keeping yourself motivated will help you turn your dream of franchise ownership into a reality. When you become a more goal-oriented person, you're more likely to have the time and focus you will need to make your new Canadian franchise successful.