Is Social Media Part of Your Duplicatable Franchise System?

One of the greatest appeals about buying a franchise is that you’re buying into a proven model with a system that works. It’s a model that’s been duplicated successfully and is setup to be duplicated in the same way over and over with more and more success.

However, lately we’re finding that most franchises have not factored online communications into this model at all.

They have traditional marketing plans, sales plans, point of sales systems, customer management systems, product specifications, brand designs and so much more…but they haven’t given thought to how online communication fits into the duplicatable system they are selling.

For most it is because their franchise plan was put together before social media was a factor. For some it is because it was overlooked. For some, as I have been told to my face, it is because social media is “up to the franchisees…it’s their business, so they are responsible for it.”

Hmm….in many of these cases, if online communications are not part of your franchise-wide system, then that part of your franchise is simply NOT duplicatable.

This means the franchisees are left to their own means to do what they will with online communications, and let me tell you…it can be a HUGE mess.

Have you taken the time to consider what your franchise might look like online without a system-wide online communication plan?

  • Blurred logos (or no logos)
  • Images that are not consistent with brand
  • complaints that are not responded to
  • Locations that do not show up on maps
  • Incorrect contact information
  • Personal social media profiles being used half-heartedly for business
  • Inappropriate comments

And the list goes on and on.

Franchisees want a system that they can duplicate, and that includes social media. The time is now to step up and take control of your franchise and what it looks like online. The time is now to start delivering superior online customer service…for every customer of every franchise. The time is now to realize that social media is not going away; it’s only becoming more important.

At some point, a thorough online communication plan will be an expected component in every franchise model. Be ahead of the curve and give your franchisees what they need right now: a complete system that they can duplicate for their success.