The Tough Parts of Mobile Franchising


Mobile franchises are on the rise in Canada, with Lexpert noting that they have enjoyed some of the strongest growth over the last few years ( This is no surprise given this franchise type's many benefits. As a mobile franchisee, you'll enjoy lower costs, more customer interaction and more flexibility on the whole when compared to your location-bound counterparts. 

With unique benefits come unique challenges, and that's certainly true of mobile franchises. Keep reading so you know what you may face as a mobile franchisee.


Your vehicles 

Generally speaking, a mobile franchise has at least a single vehicle, and you're relying on its ability to act as your storefront. It's your truck, van or car that will both represent your business to the public and deliver your service to your customer. This means your vehicle must be able to embody your business properly to the public and be reliable at the same time. Part of your budget must cover possible expenses for the repair, maintenance and upgrade of your vehicles. Without the funds to keep your vehicle in top shape, you may find yourself struggling in your daily operations and your business will suffer.


Cost control 

The proper use of your vehicles is fundamental when you're operating a mobile business, but that can pose a challenge. Be ready to learn about the proper care for your vehicles and their marketing tool value from the franchiser. Chances are your vehicle will be the first thing customers see, and imagine how well that's going to go if it's rusted and old, leaving an oil slick behind in someone's driveway. Solid routing is also crucial because it will partly determine how efficiently your business runs, how much time is wasted, and your fuel costs.


Level of organization 

A clear organizational system for field employees is a must for mobile franchises. How your employee's day goes directly impacts how much you make that day, so efficiency is a priority if you want to maximize your profitability. Your system must reward efficiency but also include support, training and continual monitoring to keep efficiency at the forefront of your operations. Check out the mobile franchisers you're considering in order to see what resources they offer in this area, as you'll need them throughout the duration of your business. 

Mobile franchising in Canada can be very rewarding if you're ready to handle the challenges that come with this franchise format. With mobility comes responsibilities, so make sure you're ready to take on those obligations!