4 Tips for Hiring for First-Time Franchisees


As a new franchisee in Canada, you may never have hired staff before but need to do so now. Employees are part of the service and public aspects of your location, so it's crucial you get the right people in place. Before you go on a hiring spree, here are four tips to make the process easier.


Know which roles you need to fill 

Before you can advertise the jobs, you need to know which tasks or roles you need help with. Ask yourself which areas you find yourself struggling with on your own to guide you. If, for example, you have a food franchise that gets busy in the afternoon and you have trouble keeping up with the orders, a part-time counter person to handle a register may fit the bill. Once you know what you really need, you'll be able to fill those roles properly.


Decide which qualities you need 

Besides an exact replica of yourself, what qualities do you want in your employees? Traits such as honest and a willingness to work hard are a given, but there may more specific things you're looking for, such as someone with computer experience or a person in good shape who could handle heavy lifting. Include these more specific qualities in your job ads so you're attracting the right type of person.


Budget for what you can handle 

If you don't know the area rate for a certain job, you'll need to do some research. You don't want to overpay, but underpaying means you probably won't find anyone willing to take it. Once you figure out the hourly rate, determine how much you can afford to pay per hour so that you know how many hours per week your budget can handle. Include the cost of any employee benefits you plan to offer.


Create a solid job ad 

Your job ad should describe the position and any extra qualities you want applicants to have. Make sure you identify requirements versus nice-to-haves. For a travel location, for example, you may require travel experience but advanced computer skills could fall under the "nice to have" umbrella. When you receive responses to your ads, immediately discard those that do not meet your needs. 

Hiring the right employees from the get-go will save you time, money and frustration. Put in the time and effort necessary for a successful hiring experience in your process so you can staff your location effectively.