Unraveling the Canadian Food Franchise

There is a staggering number of franchises operating in Canada today, and many of them are in the food industry. If you're thinking that food just may be the right road for you, here's a quick primer on some of the main menu options and the current trends.


Quick service restaurants (QSRs)

A fast-expanding sector in Canada, with RestoBiz forecasting more growth for 2017, the QSR is faster food but at a quality that is typically higher than traditional fast food outlets. Food is usually easy to prepare, making staffing relatively simple. This type of franchise tends to do well even in places with smaller populations, as evidenced by the success of many QSR brands in less-populated areas.


Full-service restaurants

A full-service restaurant is what you typically think of when going to sit down and eat out. It's a fully running eatery where the quality of the food is more important than how fast it gets to the customer. Naturally, training and staffing a full-service place is more difficult than with a QSR, and it will need to be in an area that is relatively populated for the best chance at success. If you are really into the culinary angle and the full dining experience, this may be the ideal type of franchise for you.


The two big trends this year so far

Healthy eating is big in Canada right now, so many food franchises are shifting to healthier, more organic ingredients in response. This is being seen even in the food retail sector, with candy vending machines giving way to machines that are packed with healthier alternatives. That's not to say that people don't still enjoy staples like milkshakes and hamburgers, but even in that space, they are increasingly looking for qualities like antibiotic-free patties.

Another big trend in Canadian food franchising is the increase of fast-casual brands, which fall right in between a QSR and a full-service establishment. These eateries offer healthier options than traditional fast-food places but at the same speed of a QSR and with a slightly increased profit margin.

The Canadian food franchise industry is a strong one, and there are a lot of brands and types of establishments to choose from in this sector. Keep current trends and your own preferences in mind when you're looking for the right food brand for your new business venture.