Will I Be Satisfied as an Entrepreneur?

One question that prospective franchisees in Canada often consider is a simple one: will their entrepreneurial itch be scratched with a franchise? The simple answer is yes, but get ready for the longer one!

When a person is involved in a franchise, they tend to get so focused on daily operations that they don't step back and think outside of the box anymore. While the operational system is there for a good reason - it's proven and the way to success - that doesn't mean you can't exercise your creativity and feel like the entrepreneur that you are. There four simple ways you can have your entrepreneurial cake and eat it, too, as a franchisee.


Get out there

You are a local business owner when you are a franchisee, and people love to support local businesses that help the area's economy. Sometimes, people mistakenly believe that a franchisee isn't a local owner and all the money spent at the franchise location goes back to the main company. Get yourself out there so people know you are actually a local person who is living, working and spending your money there just like everyone else. The area Chamber of Commerce is a great place to get involved, but go beyond it, too. You may find other local networking opportunities to try.


Give something back 

Get more in touch with the community you serve by hosting drives and events for charity. You will need to promote events to the community and your customers to succeed, so pull out all the stops. Social media, posters, emails, flyers and word of mouth can all go a long way toward making your event memorable and connecting with the local community.


Connect with local media 

Meet with local radio stations and have giveaways to get the attention of the community. You can also send media releases with a hook of sorts to local outlets so they want to report on your event or your business. Local media outlets are always looking for stories in the area, especially when the news is slow, so make it your business to give them some.


Try some bootstrap marketing 

Bare-bones marketing for your location is where you can flex your creative muscles. Think outside of the box to find a cost-effective way to make your mark on local consumers. If you're unsure about your franchisor's rules when it comes to local advertising, run your ideas by them first.

As a Canadian franchisee, you are still an entrepreneur, and you can feel like it if you take the right actions. Be creative and get in touch with the local community to have the experience you've always wanted as a business owner.