BarBurrito: A Profile of the Ideal Mexican Food Franchisee


Dec 19, 2012

Barburrito is the name of a popular, quick service restaurant chain that serves gourmet Mexican food in several Canadian regions. First introduced to the North American public in 2005, the Barburrito menu offers delicious tacos, salads, quesadillas and burritos.

Alex Shtein founded Barburrito and currently works as the company's director of operations. He started franchising his unique business concept in 2009. Since that time, eight more locations have become established in Canada and other new franchisees are getting ready to open their doors for business.

Mr. Shtein acknowledges that his company is currently focusing on growth in several regions of Ontario. He added, "however, we are also open to Master Franchise Agreements outside of Ontario with the right candidates."

Who Are the Right Candidates?

When asked to describe the ideal candidates to become a Barburrito franchisee, Mr. Shtein replied, "a franchisee that is committed to executing the franchise system he or she has bought into, are passionate about what they do and are willing to work hard to make their business a success."

One customer recently bought a Barburrito franchise off the website. - Alex Schtein

Successful franchisees share similar traits, including having a positive attitude and the willingness to learn new skills. Their own passion for the business inspires their employees to feel passionate about their jobs as well. Customers pick up on the employee's passion, which takes a nice dining experience and makes it even more enjoyable.

One customer recently bought a Barburrito franchise off the website. Alex Shtein had this to say about his new franchisee, Russell Browne - "he believes in our product, is realistic about what it takes to make it in this business and is willing to work hard to achieve it."

Benefits for Franchisees

Being a Barburrito franchisee comes with numerous benefits including, of course, using their well-tested, successful business concepts and systems. The concepts are easy enough to understand and the systems easy enough to follow that you won't need any previous experience in the quick service restaurant industry.

Barburitto also offers a lot of support to their franchisees, starting with helping you during the site selection and leasing processes. The business development team helps you to arrange any necessary construction, purchase any needed equipment and helps you obtain the required licenses and permits.

A new owner is required to undergo at least four weeks of comprehensive, hands-on training before the new Barburrito location can open its doors to the public. The company also gives you a manager to help you out once your new business is ready for customers.

Franchisees can take advantage of the already existing supply chains to help them save money and make sure their inventories never get too low. Headquarters even provides you with custom-made marketing materials and a promotional campaign to draw in more customers.

What Makes Barburrito Different?

Barburrito stands out from the others because they use only the freshest ingredients available to create gourmet menu items that are served in a friendly, fast food setting. Each food item is made to order and customized the way the customers prefer.

It is known that Mexican grilled food has nutritional value, it's affordable and is currently sought after by a diverse audience - Russell Browne

Before choosing to join the Barburrito franchise family, Russell Browne searched through various other franchise offers listed on When asked what made him select Barburrito, he replied, "it is known that Mexican grilled food has nutritional value, it's affordable and is currently sought after by a diverse audience. The business offers a simple menu with ample choices for personalized ingredients, includes catering services and each establishment can be fully licensed to serve beer and alcohol drinks."

"Entrepreneur" magazine reported that the demand for Mexican food has become increasingly popular in recent years and will undoubtedly continue to dominate the quick service restaurant industry in North America. It just makes sense to get in on a relatively new Mexican food franchise with few existing competitors.

And that's just what Barburrito offers you. Be ahead of the trend and become your own boss by inquiring about becoming a Barburrito franchisee today.