Cheap Smokes & Cigars Found New Franchisees from


Apr 10, 2014

In 2009, regulations made it impossible for local drug stores to sell tobacco products. Sensing an immediate need for a convenient and welcoming location for smokers, CEO Jeff Lawrence founded Cheap Smokes & Cigars. Young couple, Krystel Leduc and Karl Sauvageau recently became Cheap Smokes & Cigars newest franchisees, thanks to a connection through the franchise information portal.

Lawrence noted that the couple's mix of business education and experience is partly what makes them ideal for the Cheap Smokes & Cigars franchise, in addition to their energy, work ethic and drive. Customer service skills are a must, according to Lawrence, and some computer skills are also recommended. The portal has been an excellent resource for Cheap Smokes & Cigars, providing them with all their new team members so far.

Krystel Leduc also referenced the website as instrumental in connecting her and her partner with the Cheap Smokes & Cigars opportunity. According to Leduc, the couple found the website during a web search and used the industry, investment level and province sorting options on to guide them to the types of opportunities they were interested in. Individual emails about new opportunities were also helpful and how the couple discovered Cheap Smokes & Cigars. Leduc and Sauvageau ultimately chose this franchise because of the franchise's outstanding support and the demand for the service in the area.

Cheap Smokes & Cigars is still on the hunt for franchisees for many areas, including Sylvan Lake, Cold Lake, Hinton and Red Deer. Check the website today for information about this franchise and other available opportunities.