Express Employment Professionals' Top Ten Locations With Job Openings


Mar 30, 2018

For those looking for jobs in Canada, it's time to consider Express Employment Professionals. This staffing franchise has just released a list of its top franchises in Canada with job openings, and it's dominated by locations in southwest Ontario. 

The top three franchises in the country with openings are in Georgetown, Windsor and Cambridge, Ontario, while locations in British Columbia, Delta/Richmond and Cloverdale-Langley complete the top five. Franchises in Nova Scotia and Alberta rounded out the top ten. This list was based on March survey results from 34 Express franchise locations across Canada.

Cambridge franchisee Bradley Jenkins credited Ontario's new labor law for the changes in his local market. The law, which raised minimum wage to $14 per hour, has made the workforce more transitory than before because low- and limited-skilled workers can move more freely among a variety of openings. Jenkins noted that part of Express' focus is to educate clients about motivating factors besides wages, which has helped with his location's success. 

Georgetown franchisee Steven Prestipino agreed with Jenkins' assessment of the minimum wage hike's impact on the labor market, which he also said leveled the playing field as it's the first time a warehouse has had to compete with a retail store for the same employee. This shift, added Prestipino, is causing workers to seriously consider their work environments, something that was not as common in the past. 

Terry Stewart, the Cloverdale-Langley franchisee, is seeing the real estate sector in British Columbia impact where businesses are going. Stewart's area is in the middle of a development boom, with companies previously located in Richmond, Burnaby and Vancouver moving to Cloverdale-Langley because of lower property taxes and land costs. This boom has naturally made the job market hot in the area as companies look to hire staff after they relocate. 

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