FREE Snack Vending Machines this Holiday Season!


Dec 05, 2013

Healthy Cravings franchise opportunity

Healthy Cravings has answered the demands for health-conscious consumers and workplace establishments who are looking for healthier snack options.

Vend Tech International, Inc. (Canadian Division), manufacturers of innovative bulk-vending machines for nearly thirty years wants to thank all our current Healthy Cravings machine owners and future machine owners by offering FREE vending machines during this holiday season.

Healthy Cravings machines are filled with a variety of healthy snack products and appeal to consumers who love to snack but aren't looking for sugary candies. Instead of satisfying the sweet tooth, we satisfy the taste buds and the waistline.

Today, we are helping Healthy Cravings entrepreneurs set up routes throughout Canada while providing low-cost machines with lifetime warrantees.

Healthy Cravings offers a low entry-level business opportunity with limited risk, and high profits in the largest and most diverse vending market. In your spare-time you can operate the simplest of all vending machines and generate easy money.

You will be 100% set up and in business in just a few short weeks without any franchise or royalty fees. Our job is not to just sell you machines but to help become a successful vending business owner. You will not only own machines you can rely on, but you will have a special relationship with a company you can rely on.

Request more information on Healthy Cravings listing page and you could receive FREE VENDING MACHINES from Healthy Cravings!