Holy Falafel, Fast-Casual Success Awarded 4.5 Star rating for 2014


May 15, 2014

May 15th, 2014 – Holy Falafel & Shawarma House Restaurants Ltd are pleased to announce we have been awarded another prestigious 4.5 star customer service and food quality rating for 2014.

This is the 2nd consecutive year Holy Falafel has been honoured with this exceptionally high quality rating that is not commonly awarded to the Fast-Food sector. CEO Greg Ewasiuk contributes “the reason for us to be able maintain this high level of service and food quality for our customers is because we are significantly different than most regular fast food chains. Being Fast-Casual instead, our chefs at Holy Falafel prepare the food fresh in front of our customers from scratch, Fast, using fresh whole ingredients - Not preservatives nor loaded with chemicals or MSG. Our customers appreciate this and can immediately taste and feel the healthy refreshing difference eating such flavourful real food that they cannot usually find quickly outside of preparing it for themselves at home… Which is not as convenient, cost effective, nor quick as our high quality Fast Casual offering.”

Ewasiuk adds, “We take great care in carefully selecting and training our fantastic employee partners to understand the importance of attention to detail, quality, cleanliness, Food-Safe standards, and prompt focused caring customer service, so that Holy Falafel is able to execute 100% consistently on our deliverables to our customers in the stores all the time.” Holy Falafel’s company mission and recipe for success is to ensure every customer has a great food and dining experience so that they keep coming back and tell their friends, and also that our franchisees are well looked after and profitable.

Congratulations to the Holy Falafel management team and staff for a job well done! Great job.