McDonalds getting a digital age facelift


Oct 26, 2006

“After 30 years without a major design overhaul, the 51-year-old fast-food giant is adopting a hip new look. The world''s largest hamburger chain is redesigning its 30,000 eateries around the globe in a 21st century makeover of unprecedented scale.” ”The redesign is risky and has many franchisees up in arms over the high costs of a makeover. But company officials believe the overhaul is needed. McDonald's, whose restaurants are visited by more than 40 million people every day, has moved aggressively over the past three years to revamp its menu and attract a new breed of customer. It has added healthier items like premium salads targeted at women, and apple slices and skim milk for children. But as more upscale items like Asian chicken salad show up on its menu, the chain's typical starkly lit, plastic-heavy look is at odds with the contemporary, welcoming image the company wants to present.”