Sell My Stuff Canada Welcomes New Franchisee


Apr 07, 2015

Dubbed "recession proof" by “Entrepreneur” magazine, Sell My Stuff Canada is a fast-growing franchise that taps the ever-increasing senior segment of the Canadian population. The high-end content and estate sale service recently brought on a new franchisee, Tracy Foster. Foster and Sell My Stuff Canada connected through the franchise portal, a provider of some great leads, according to the company's founder, Josh Horowitz.

Horowitz spoke about the new franchisee in glowing terms, citing her marketing background and desire for more personal freedom. Foster, as noted by Horowitz, has the mix of personality, passion and determined work ethic that Sell My Stuff Canada looks for in potential franchisees. He went on to say that a person who believes in the company's system, is willing to learn and has integrity is an ideal Sell My Stuff Canada candidate and the business side can always be taught to the right person.

Foster also spoke about her franchise search and experience. She noted how useful the portal was in terms of functionality, as she could look at opportunities across Canada and make direct comparisons using the website, and praised the guidance she received from the resource section. Having freelanced in the past, Foster was attracted to the franchise concept because so much of the legwork, such as brand recognition, is already done for you.

While Foster compared a handful of franchises, Sell My Stuff Canada became the frontrunner right away because she felt the service was needed and she could help people. She had previously attended a Sell My Stuff Canada estate sale and was impressed by the staff and service provided. Foster also spoke with other franchisees in the company, and their passion and helpfulness really sealed the deal for her.

Sell My Stuff Canada is currently planning to expand into Quebec and beyond and recently launched a French version of their website. Visit today for more information on this exciting opportunity!