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Number of units 7
Investment Level $25,001 ~ $50,000
Franchising Since 2011
Royalty Fee $500/month or 6%


Sell My Stuff Canada

For the first time offering franchise opportunities in Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax, Saskatoon and Regina.

Sell my stuff canadian franchise opportunity


Dealing with the total contents of a home can be an enormous task, but Sell My Stuff Canada makes it easy. Our efficient process simplifies things by selling content on site so the home owners can do everything in one day. Our moving franchise offers services for moving sales, estate sales, content sales and junk removal.

The aging baby boomer population is now looking to downsize their homes, so Sell My Stuff Canada is poised to take advantage of this growing market. Seniors are now the fastest growing demographic in Canada accounting for roughly one-third of the population. Entrepreneur magazine calls our business “recession proof”, so there’s no question that these aging baby boomers will need the services of our moving franchise in the coming years.

Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for interested entrepreneurs to join us in our mission. With Sell My Stuff Canada you get a protected territory with exclusive operating rights. Right now we have two different franchise offerings: regular protected territories (all across Canada) or province exclusive territories (Quebec, Alberta, and British Columbia where you service the entire province). There are many opportunities for our partners to take advantage of this growing market need. We currently have territories available everywhere in Canada except the Greater Toronto Area.


Why Us

  • Proven business model.
  • Nationwide company exposure.
  • Continual operational assistance.
  • Tricks of the trade from individual franchisees
  • Full training provided.
  • An exclusive territory.
  • Use of the Sell My Stuff Canada name and logo.
  • Access to national contacts.
  • National advertising campaigns.
  • Promotional media assistance.
  • Public relations guidance.
  • Continuous support.
  • Contracts, documents, income tracking tools.
  • Promotional ideas.
  • Referral sources.
  • Access to our national website and toll free number 1-855-55-STUFF

History of Sell My Stuff Canada

Sell My Stuff Canada started in the mid 1900's and went through the hands of three generations of antique dealers and garage sale enthusiasts. In 2009 owner and founder Josh Horowitz took the concept, which had been passed down through his family, and grew it into the thriving business it is today. With modern technology and intelligent market initiates, Sell My Stuff Canada changed the garage sale industry forever.



Our hands-on training program and refined business systems have been proven time and time again to ensure success.


Our franchisees get strategic marketing support and advertising in branding, design, public relations, market research, and more. We offer a wide range of marketing materials to make your business thrive such as brochures, business cards, flyers, and postcards just to name a few.


Our in depth training and support system covers all aspects of running your moving franchise. Franchisees train for one week at our facility in Toronto, Ontario. The training program covers:

  • How to run a successful estate sale including pricing, dealing with potential clients questions, advertising, what to do on the day of the sale, selling techniques, etc.
  • The Sell My Stuff Canada franchise manual which is included in your initial franchise fee covers everything.
  • Our team with over 60 years of industry experience is here to help and take out all the guesswork from starting your moving franchise.
  • Proprietary industry leading methods to help you organize lucrative sales and many other interesting services
  • How to market yourself and create strategic alliances with potential referrals
  • How to utilize our marketing programs, accounting methods, computer systems, operations manual, advertising, internet resources, website utilization, staff management, selling techniques, contracts and other documents, weekly time management assistance, and much more!

Investment & Fees

You can start a Sell My Stuff Canada moving franchise for as low as $25,000 for a regular territory, or $50,000 for a province exclusive territory. We supply the tools and know how to get started.

Our ongoing royalties are either 6% of sales, or a minimum monthly payment of at least $500/month for a regular territory, whichever is greater.




Testimonial From a Franchisee


My name is Corey Holmyard. I am the owner of the Ottawa territory of Sell My Stuff Canada, and I was the first to purchase a Sell My Stuff franchise. My experience has been nothing but positive from day one. Of course we were faced with the usual growing pains of opening a new business in a market that was largely unaware of our industry’s service sector, but with the in-depth direction provided from our enthusiastic franchisor, we were equipped with the skill-set required to immediately open our doors for business. In fact in hindsight, it was perhaps even more important that head office had extensively educated us on what not to do; the long list of pitfalls, that we would have encountered had we ventured out on our own, have all been keenly avoided through the years, and as a result our healthy growth-curve has exceeded expectations.

To address the nuts and bolts of the franchise arrangement: franchise fees and royalties are reasonable, company communication is excellent, and general website admin/SEO is appropriately handled by head office. Each location is given a 90% free-hand to operate how it best sees fit, and the only times we have encountered interference from our franchisor has come from a reasonable stand-point and been in our best interest. Our fellow franchisees are wonderful people, and are very willing to collaborate with one-another to achieve common goals; when one of us has a problem, we all band together in an effort to overcome it, and everybody learns from the experience. The job itself is fun! I spend half of my work-week at a clients’ home, encountering new environments/circumstances, and the other half of my work-week is spent either networking or in the comfort of my home answering phone calls and fulfilling my back-end responsibilities. Accounts receivable is not a concern within our business-model, and this fact may often be overlooked by anyone who has not spent years chasing after delinquent accounts in a previous life; we are paid on the spot, and every new project has a one-week turnover. The business is relatively seasonal, however as we currently enter season 4 of our franchise life-cycle, we have reached the point where the Winter months bring in enough revenue to break-even, but the vast remainder of the year is so busy we are looking to expand.

As for the warning section of my franchisee review, I honestly have nothing out-of-the-ordinary to report. My business partner and I were experienced businessmen when we began our Sell My Stuff venture, but if you are not it would be a good idea to take a course in basic business management before undertaking the role of a franchisee. Although the in-home estate sale business model is relatively simple and easy to manage, please be aware that head office provides its franchisees direction regarding critical operations. Although marketing, risk-management, and top-to-bottom procedures are addressed, aspects such as accounting, government reporting and HR practices are not. In my opinion however, these skills should be a prerequisite for any person entering a business ownership role. As well, it would be foolish to expect to make enough money to fully support yourself within the first few years. Once again as with any new business venture, a small pool of savings will be required, and it will take time to raise awareness, grow your location, and grow your take-home income to personal sustainability. However, once you get to the point where your Sell My Stuff responsibilities become a full-time job (and it will happen), ample monetary reimbursement becomes a regular occurrence and the financial potential of the venture will become happily apparent.

My brother-in-law asked me this past weekend, whether or not I would have bought into the franchise if I could teleport back to early 2012 and advise my past-self… the answer was a resounding yes! Not only do my business partner and I now operate a successful business in this turbulent economic environment, but I can honestly say that I feel empowered as a professional and deeply satisfied by our progress-to-date. I enjoy waking up to challenge every working day, and I take personal pride in every stride we take towards improvement (be it a new big sale signing, a successful meeting, or something as simple as an eloquent social media post). If you have a drive to succeed, and are willing to put forth the effort to achieve success, then Sell My Stuff Canada has the equation for your future.


Apr 7, 2015

Sell My Stuff Canada Welcomes New Franchisee

Dubbed "recession proof" by “Entrepreneur” magazine, Sell My Stuff Canada is a fast-growing franchise that taps the ever-increasing senior segment of the Canadian population. The high-end content...
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