Small Business Opportunities Magazine Covers Minuteman Press Home Office


Jul 03, 2014

Minuteman Press International, Inc., recently ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as the top printing franchise in the industry for the 21st time, was recently the subject of a profile feature in Small Business Opportunities Magazine. The article covered Minuteman's history, which spans over four decades since the opening of the first location in 1973, as well as what has made the company such a huge success in the printing world.

Minuteman's Chief Marketing Officer Nick Titus cited Minuteman's strong commitment to the customer as one of the chief reasons it stands out from its competitors. Director of Training and Executive Vice President Michael Jutt elaborated, speaking of what he called Minuteman's "marketing service provider," the company's added promotional products which he believes will propel Minuteman Press toward a 50% growth over the next five years.

According to Jutt, since Minuteman retains logos for clients' on file and has an accurate view of their individual needs, the company can branch out into a full suite of services, including website creation and movie production for popular sharing websites such as YouTube. Other digital technology will allow Minuteman to move clients into the 21st century and beyond, giving them a competitive edge.

Minuteman responded to the Small Business Opportunities feature through its home office, relying their excitement for the future and pride in having their business profiled by such a publication. With their full suite of applications and services and ability to customize, Minuteman Press is ready for another 40 years of success.

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