The Perks of Owning a Sell My Stuff Franchise


Feb 13, 2014

According to Josh Horowitz, President of Sell My Stuff Canada, being a franchise owner doesn't mean that someone can let their employees do all the work. Individuals who go into the franchise business are looking for a great way to work for themselves, create their ideal schedule and run a company they believe in. Curt and MJ Bulmer are perfect examples. They have a business sense that helps them lay the groundwork for their franchise so the people who work for them can help make it a success.

Owning and running a franchise requires the Bulmers and others like them to drum up business on the phone or in person. It also requires choosing the right type of employees that can help run the business during hours when the owner isn't available. Curt Bulmer sums it up by saying that he wanted all his hard work to be for his own benefit, rather than a big name company like the ones he worked for in the past.

The Sell My Stuff franchise appeals to the Bulmers following their own experience of helping their parents downsize their home, sell what they didn't need and move into something smaller. Both realized they had a passion for the business and wanted to make it easier for other people in the same boat.

With a background in sales, Curt Bulmer felt he had the experience and knowledge to run his own franchise, with the help of his brother. The Sell My Stuff Canada franchise works with a team of appraisers to ensure top dollar for anyone selling estate items or looking to downsize and make some money from their possessions. They invite thousands of people to view and purchase items, which means it's simple to get rid of things and make the most amount of money during the process.

Owning a franchise isn't easy, but it's rewarding and enjoyable for people who make the decision to do so.