Father-Daughter Team Land Maryland Minuteman Location


Apr 11, 2018

Minuteman Press International recently welcomed Kate Cusato and John Prinkey as the new franchise business owners of an established printing, marketing and design brand location in Frederick, Maryland.

Prinkey said he and his daughter Kate completed franchisee training at the brand's New York headquarters last October and were able to be fully up and running by early November. He added that they were lucky to be able to purchase an established business that was family-run for three decades and cared for. According to Prinkey, his daughter Kate is a great person to be around and very outgoing, which is great for the marketing side of the franchise and for workplace morale.

Cusato echoed her father's excitement, saying they had worked as a team helping other businesses grow for years and had already dreamed of being able to work together on their own business one day. She also spoke of her father's good humor and how wonderful it is to be able to work with him, and that a day at their franchise location doesn't feel like work.

The father-and-daughter team are already satisfied with their decision to leave their previous career and own their own printing and marketing franchise. Cusato has said she finds the ability to build a business for and with her family and help the small business owners and artists who are Minuteman's typical clients to be very rewarding, while Prinkey also enjoys having created a place that everyone, including the staff, enjoys working.

A typical day in the life of a franchisee

A normal day for this father-daughter franchisee team is Cusato arriving at work, checking her emails and reviewing the day's plan with her team. Next, she follows the guidance in the brand's model and goes out to market for a few hours. When she returns, she creates and delivers quotes to new clients and follows up on current orders. She also leaves room for new things, such as learning how to use the wide format and heat transfer printers they just bought for their location. Meanwhile, Prinkey, who arrives before the business opens, checks emails, ensures vendors are paid and processes customer payments. He also does record-keeping and whatever else his daughter asks him to do.

Both franchisees highlighted their business hours, which are Monday through Friday, as a bonus because they can spend time with family and relax.

The future is now

For now, the franchisee team's plan is to grow their business. They've already had renovations done, upgraded tech and made major purchases to give themselves a competitive advantage. They also recommend franchises like Minuteman to other prospective business owners because of the training, advice and support they receive.

To learn more about Minunteman Press, visit them at BetheBoss.ca today!