M&M Meat Shops Franchisee - Rob Redshaw


Oct 21, 2010

Tell me why you love M&M Meat Shops?

I bet I’ve been asked about a thousand times why I chose to buy into the M&M Meat Shops Franchise system.  Each time I answer the question the same way: “It felt right.  And you know it still feels right.”

M&M Meat Shops has been, and always will be about family.  I believe the culture that Mac Voisin created years ago still resonates with both franchisees and customers.

M&M Meat Shops has given me the opportunity to own my own business and at the same time meet a group of individuals who share the same goals and aspirations.

I started my relationship with M&M Meat Shops as a customer.  Each time I shopped in the Halifax store I recognized how happy the employees were, how happy the customers were, and most importantly how great the product was.  That naturally led to a wonderful shopping experience for me.  I was so intrigued that I became a Franchisee.

What would you tell someone who has never visited an M&M store to encourage them to try it?

When you visit you will have a very comfortable experience.  There is not pressure, you can ask any question because we will have the answers and we provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do you have a favourite experience (or experiences) with a customer that you can recall?

When we first opened, a customer who needed assistance walking came in with her daughter.  We got her a chair, a flyer, brought out samples to her.  As I was carrying out her bags to the car she said “I am glad that there are still some companies who care about customer service.  I will be back.”  She has come back many times – she’s a great customer.

M&M is known for being rooted within the communities it exists in.  How have you found this aspect of being an M&M Franchisee?

We’re approached on a daily basis to support community events and we’re deeply entrenched in the community.  People here know that we give back to the community not only in Sydney, but all around the island.  We find that if there is a tournament at the golf course and we’re not there, people know.  I’ve had organizers from different events call us to see if we can participate at their next year’s event because people complained that we weren’t there.

Tell me about your experience with the Marketing Council?

I have had the great fortune of being elected to Marketing Council for two terms, and even more fortunate of being nominated as Marketing Council Chair.  I truly believe that if you are going to be involved with a company like M&M Meat Shops you need to immerse yourself completely in the operation and get involved in any or all aspects of the company.  The Marketing and Advisory Councils are beneficial as a Franchisee to get an insight of Franchisee perspective.  I would like to see all Franchisees sit on one committee or another during their tenure to gain greater understanding of just how complex and great this company is.

Tell me how you feel about Head office support?

I can only speak from personal experience when it comes to M&M Head Office support, however, I’m sure I’m not the only Franchisee who believes our Head Office is better than most.  I guess you can only formulate an opinion based on the experiences you have had, so that is why I believe M&M Meat Shops Head Office is critical to the success of our brand.  They obviously have some of the best people in the business employed, and of course offer support on a number of levels to each and every franchisee associated with the chain.