Play N Trade Franchisee - Brad Duggan


May 21, 2010

How did you find out about the Playntrade Franchise opportunity?

We initially were doing research on approx 6 different franchises. This one seemed to fit a need in our local community and my own personal interests. We first came across this franchise online doing searches for franchise opportunity.

Could you give us some idea about your business operations, your services and your products in detail?

We sell new and used Video Games, Consoles and Accessories. We are different from anyone else in our approach to how the business runs. Everything is focused around customer service. From the time someone comes in the doors we try to make them comfortable with every aspect of a purchase including allowing them to try out any game they want before the buy it. As well we offer many other services that others dont such as in-store tournaments, Console Repair, Disc Repair and Birthday Parties. We strive to make every Play N Trade experience a good one.

What have been your major challenges/obstacles so far? How did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge has probably been inventory management. In this industry each community can have a different group of gamers. Some communities are big with sports, while others are big with a fighting genre. It has taken a little time but we have gotten a good grasp on what will sell and what wont in our area. The easiest way to overcome this was by talking with our customers. They provide with an easy knowledge of what to bring in and they appreciate the fact that they are being asked for some input on what they want to see.

What specific types of online marketing tools are you using successfully?

Our greatest success online so far has definitely been with Facebook. Before we even opened our doors we had over 200 fans of our "page". It is easy to keep these people up to date with tournaments and sales in our store. We average over 400 "visits" to our page on a weekly basis.

Have you always envisioned yourself doing what you are doing now?

Not necessarily in this industry, but I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I have owned a number of different successful businesses but this one is definitely the most enjoyable. I mean if you like video games what better opportunity could there be than talking to others about them!!

What is your least favourite part of running your own business? And your favourite part?

For me it would have to be the paperwork and ordering. I am a people person and love to be on the "front lines". So my favorite is definitely dealing with employees and customers. There is nothing more fun for me than being run crazy trying to help a dozen different people at once.

What important advice or tips would you give to a new Playntrade franchise business owner?

Ask questions!! Everyone in the organization is extremely helpful. I have owned other franchises in the past and can say the support I receive right now from everyone (from our Area Developer right up to the Head Office) is incredible. Every new business has problems but the people here make it VERY easy to find solutions. Take advantage of the people that are in place to help out.