Real Property Management Franchisee – Gary Gordon


May 14, 2015

“I believe the systems provided and attention to detail makes Real Property Management a winning system. I highly recommend Real Property Management”. What attracted you to open a Real Property Management office?

Gary Gordon: After discussing with Kap (VP, Operations) at a conference in British Columbia, I liked the direction RPM was taking and saw a huge opportunity for it to work with my other businesses.

BTB: What tools and systems offered by RPM do you find most helpful in your business? Why?

GG: Mainly, the online access to the system for both the renters and the owners. Having information on the property at their fingertips is extremely valuable.

BTB: What immediate goals do you have for your RPM franchise office?

GG: We have taken quite a few ideas from my other businesses, such as documenting 50 photos for reference purposes, and for marketing purposes. We have, and will continue to work on impressing the public with our marketing and present systems to grow our door count. In 8 months we have weeded out a number of doors, and still increased our total count by 40 doors.

BTB: What is your professional background?

GG: I have been in the real estate industry as a Broker for 27 years. It seemed fitting to round out my service offering with the addition of Real Property Management.

BTB: What inspired you to enter a career in property management?

GG: Simply this, we have worked to build a total service orientated company. RPM is another cog in that system. Owners need to build a portfolio or need to reduce a portfolio. We are here. Good renters want to become owners. We are here.

BTB: What are the best qualities about the community you work in?

GG: We are at the heartland of industry. A growing and expanding population is inevitable. Opportunities are wide open for anyone willing to work.

BTB: Where do you feel the local market is going in the next year? Where are the strong points?

GG:I believe we will continue to grow steady. We will continue to build homes and continue with an extremely low vacancy rate. Great times are ahead as long as the world needs oil…

BTB: What regions will you be focusing your services in?

GG: Edmonton and area.

BTB: Are you planning an opening party? If so, when is it?

GG:: Don’t say anything, but we are working towards a much bigger and more visual location. Once we have done that you are all invited!