Alison Harper - Silver Cross Division VP


Aug 07, 2019

Alison Harper (Division VP)

The aging population is a global phenomenon – the baby boomers are hitting their senior years and both the young seniors and the more elder seniors are all looking for ways to maintain their independence.  Silver Cross answers the needs of these groups with products to eliminate barriers in the home and make it more accessible.

The founder of Silver Cross came up with the business name to reflect health and trust (cross), with Silver (seniors).  In 2014, Savaria acquired the Silver Cross business. Savaria Corporation, a publicly traded company (SIS:TSX is a global leader in accessibility with 8 manufacturing locations.

Silver Cross stores have access to the portfolio of Savaria home accessibility products along with products from other major suppliers. Success for a Silver Cross store is about products,  but it’s also about service. For example, owners need to have great follow up with clients including doing free home assessments with same-day quotations. It’s about matching products with needs along with a sense of empathy. The personal reward is helping people gain back their  independence.

Silver Cross is a hands-on business and culture. There’s lots to learn and every day is different. Marketing support revolves around internet marketing to build brand and leads and successful owners learn how to maximize local referrals. Although there are competitors in the space, the focus on seniors is a key differentiator. Offering rentals and reselling gently used equipment also helps Silver Cross meet the unique concerns of the seniors market.

In today’s world, people are constantly disappointed with poor service. That provides Silver Cross stores a way to stand out from the crowd and a way to constantly feed referral business – just be delivering great service.  With a solid reputation for past success, a franchise owner can reap ongoing business from referrals – and the sheer number of people needing what the business offers represents an outstanding opportunity.