Clean-a-PEEL - CEO, Wayne Jackson


Dec 31, 2018    Tell us about the Clean-a-PEEL concept.

Wayne Jackson:   Clean-a-PEEL is a product that was developed in Australia almost 20 years ago and is used widely there and throughout several countries as an integral part of the construction and building trades. Imported and re-branded for the North American market it is a roll-on temporary protection for any non-porous surface that is susceptible to damage during the construction phase of a project. Surfaces such as windows, floors, tiles, countertops, bathtubs, shower stalls etc. are all perfect applications for our products.    How and when did you become involved with Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings?

Wayne Jackson:   I discovered this product several years ago at a trade show and watched while the developer grew the business and perfected the products in the Australian market.  On a business trip to Brisbane in 2017 I visited the manufacturer and he showed me around his operation.  I saw the material being used in the field, I saw how it was made and I became very interested in taking it on as the import agent for Canada and the U.S.A.  A couple of months later we had an agreement in place and beginning in early 2018 I started the process of developing a business plan to bring his products to our market.    What was your background prior to creating Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings?

Wayne Jackson:   I had never been in the building or construction business but having been a client of renovation companies and building contractors a few times over the years I immediately saw the benefit of Clean-a-PEEL products in those industries. I have owned several businesses in the past and currently operate a consulting business in the mining and construction field.     What are some of the advantages in being a Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings distributor?

Wayne Jackson:   As a Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings distributor you are your own boss, you get to develop your own service company while introducing a new product, and a new service to the building and construction trades.  Since this is a new concept in our part of the world it is often seen in a somewhat skeptical light but once people have witnessed our products being used they see instant benefits and quickly become sold on the concept and the distributors’ business grows exponentially.  This can be a highly lucrative business, there are no franchise-style fees.  A dealer can work from home with not much more than a van or truck to carry his tools and material.  Training can be provided but the work is non-hazardous and not physically demanding.     What are you looking for in a distributor?

Wayne Jackson:   We need self-starters who can sell not just our products, but also their own services and be able to sell themselves as a reputable tradesperson.  People who have a network or some contacts in the building industry will have an advantage but mostly they must be comfortable with approaching jobsite managers and construction contractors to promote their business.    Tell us a little about the construction and renovations market?

Wayne Jackson:   This market is absolutely huge, virtually endless.  Whether it is a single-family bungalow being built or a multi-story condominium tower or a shopping mall, any new or renovations project is a potential client.  In any project the framing goes up, the roof goes on, then the windows go in.  That’s the time when Clean-a-PEEL needs to be applied.  From there on, throughout the construction process, our products will protect all the expensive, more delicate surfaces like windows, floors, tiles, countertops, bathtubs, shower stalls etc. while all the other tradespeople go about doing their jobs.     What are some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned in growing this company?

Wayne Jackson:   I’ve learned that while I think that I have a fantastic product and simple concept, others are not always so easily convinced.  It takes patience and persistence to enlist dealers and distributors especially when it comes to making a financial investment.  Everyone wants to see proof, they want history and references.  This is all very difficult when it is a new business just starting out but my belief in the product has made it easier to bring good people on board.  The future looks optimistic indeed.     What is the growth potential for this opportunity?

Wayne Jackson:   As I stated earlier, the industries that can benefit from using Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings are numerous and the potential is limitless.  The only thing holding back growth is the people taking the concept into the market.  Good distributors will grow this business very quickly.     What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a distributorship?

Wayne Jackson:   I advise potential distributors to start small, get comfortable with our program and the benefits of using the different products in all applications.  Their clients will be the ones who will find all kinds of new applications for Clean-a-PEEL.     In your opinion, why do you think that Clean-a-PEEL Protective Coatings would be a great opportunity for someone?

Wayne Jackson:   This opportunity is an ideal work-from-home business.  With diligent work habits all that’s needed to make a substantial income is a reliable vehicle and an ability to sell yourself to your clients.  As in any business, record-keeping and financial responsibility are essential but the capital outlay can be as small or as great as the distributor feels is comfortable.

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