Sell My Stuff Canada Franchise Opportunity - Founder, Josh Horowitz


Sep 15, 2014

Sell My Stuff Canada’s founder Josh Horowitz is a 3rd generation contents sale expert as his family has been in this business for over 80 years.

He is a business and marketing university graduate and has formed this company by blending the old world knowledge of his great-grandmother with the new world knowledge of his business experience.

Horowitz describes himself as a people person and is always willing to go the extra mile to make his clients happy. His hard work and dedication have proved dividends as Sell My Stuff Canada enters its 6th year of operation and can officially call itself the largest content and estate sale company in Canada.

BeTheBoss: What is the Sell My Stuff Canada franchise opportunity all about?

Josh Horowitz: With the aging baby boomer population now reaching the age of downsizing their lives, Sell My Stuff Canada is in the perfect position to capitalize on this once in a lifetime business opportunity. Canadians approaching retirement are now the fastest growing demographic in the country, and account for roughly one-third of our population. Entrepreneur magazine calls our business “recession proof”, and these baby boomers and their parents will now, more than ever, require Sell My Stuff Canada’s services to help them through the difficult process of downsizing their lives. Sell My Stuff Canada is your one stop shop and Canadian expert in high-end Contents and Estate Sale services from your home.

BTB: Who is your ideal candidate for a Sell My Stuff Canada franchise?

JH: An ideal candidate for a Sell My Stuff Canada franchisee is someone who is willing to work hard and not take no for an answer. Some people think that buying a franchise means all the work is done for them and they can just sit back and let the money roll in. That's living in a fantasy world. Nothing in this life comes easy. You need to work hard for it. The groundwork is there but its up to the franchisee to make it a success. The phone isn't going to ring on its own, the contacts aren't going to be made without you, doors aren't going to be knocked on if you don't do it. You need to get out there and hit the pavement. You need to think of it like starting your own business (although we do get you set up and help you along the way) and the surest way to succeed is to work hard at it. We need to know that the franchisee has a good head on their shoulders, good morals and a good work ethic to succeed. All of our current franchisees are energetic like-minded individuals who are hungry for success.

BTB: What type of training and support do you offer Sell My Stuff franchise Canada?

JH: Sell My Stuff Canada provides a comprehensive training and support system which covers all aspects of opening and growing your business. Our franchisee training program is conducted over a one week period where franchisees will learn every aspect of the business. Our extensive training program provides them with:

  • Everything you need to know about running a successful estate sale. This includes: pricing, dealing with potential clients questions, advertising, what to do on the day of the sale, selling techniques, etc.
  • We have every step covered in our extensive Sell My Stuff Canada franchise manual which is included in your initial franchise fee. Our team has over 80 years of industry experience and we are here with you every step of the way. Our support systems are in place to guide you and help take the guesswork out of launching your new Sell My Stuff Canada franchise.
  • Proprietary industry leading methods to help you organize highly-profitable content and estate sale as well as many of our other unique services.
  • How to market yourself and create strategic alliances with those who can refer you business.
  • How to utilize our proven systems, which include local marketing programs, accounting methods, computer systems, operations manual, advertising your sales, internet resources, website utilization, staff management, selling techniques, contracts and other documents, weekly time management assistance, and much more!
  • The owner is just a phone call away. Josh Horowitz answers his phone personally and offers continuous support 24/7 to any franchisees in need.

BTB: What are some of the advantages in being a Sell My Stuff Canada franchise business owner (franchisee)?

JH: Some of the advantages of becoming a Sell My Stuff Canada franchise business owner (franchisee) are as follows:

  • Proven business model.
  • Nationwide company exposure.
  • Ongoing operational assistance.
  • Tricks of the trade from individual franchisees.
  • Full training before operation, including all techniques and strategies.
  • An exclusive territory.
  • Use of the Sell My Stuff Canada franchise name and logo.
  • Access to national contacts.
  • National advertising campaigns.
  • Promotional media assistance.
  • Public relations guidance.
  • Continuous support.
  • Contracts, documents, income tracking tools.
  • Promotional ideas.
  • Referral sources.
  • Access to our national website and toll free number 1-855-55-STUFF
  • We have laid the groundwork for you and you will be joining the largest and most respected content and estate sale company in Canada.

BTB: Tell us a little about the Sell My Stuff Canada Market?

JH: The industry is made up of a few smaller mom and pop companies. Sell My Stuff Canada was formed because of this. There was no big reputable nationally recognized player until we came along. This business is all about trust and growing the brand. Alot of the companies out there are fly by night guys looking to make a quick buck. You read about horror stories from people hiring scam artists to run their contents sales or auctions all the time. Having a national name behind you goes a long way. As for the marketplace, our customers range in demographics and are basically anyone who is in need of downsizing their lives.

BTB: How successful is your franchise opportunity today and what are your future growth plans?

JH: Our company has been growing at a rapid pace since inception 5 years ago. We have been growing at roughly 50% per year since our start. Like any business, referrals are a huge part of your success. Now that we are established the referrals are starting to pour in and are bringing us to levels we never dreamed of. We now have 4 franchisees across Ontario and are looking to add 2 more locations in Ontario in 2014 before expanding to the rest of Canada.

BTB: What are your franchisees saying about the business?

JH: Our franchisees are saying that "Sell My Stuff Canada has changed my life". Owning your own business can be hard work but with it comes big rewards. Not only monetarily but for your soul as well. Every sale that we run the clients can't thank us enough. It really feels good to help people and to make a difference to those in need. This is often a stressful time in peoples lives and we come in and make it easier. It feels so good to help people and make money at the same time. Our franchisees feel good about what they are doing everyday and are all working towards the end goal of growing the business one day at a time.

BTB: What advice do you have for someone looking to acquire a Franchise opportunity in Canada?

JH: It is very important to do your homework and find out if the business is right for you. Some businesses are great opportunities but your skill set might not make you a good fit. There is something out there for everyone, so find what you are passionate for and jump in with both feet.

BTB: In your opinion, why do you think that Sell My Stuff Canada would be a great franchise opportunity for someone?

JH: Sell My Stuff Canada would be a great opportunity for anyone looking to make a difference and make money at the same time. This is a feel good business. Just like with any franchise, you are your own boss at the end of the day. We give you the tools and support but it is up to you how you run with it. There is unlimited potential in this new industry and we are in a perfect position to capitalize on it. If you are looking to join a passionate team in a growing industry then Sell My Stuff Canada is for you.