5 Franchises For Moms

As a busy mom, it might seem like you’ll never have the time to start a business. The beauty of franchising is that the ground work is already laid for you. Here are a few franchises I recommend for moms wanting a flexible schedule to allow them to put their children first:

Beaners Fun Cuts For Kids

Beaners in a hair salon targeted specifically for children. Kids can enjoy fun coin-op rides or play PS3 video games while they wait to get their hair done, and the store design has a decidedly childlike feel. The best part about this business is that Beaners is recession-proof. Even in a down economy people still need to get their hair cut. Since Beaners clients are kids, new potential customers are born every day. The child oriented focus of Beaners makes it particularly appealing to moms.

Art Innovators

This franchise delivers art education courses to children at home and at school. Art Innovators teaches confidence and creativity through its programming, and enables children to break down limiting beliefs and develop positive attitudes. Mothers like being a part of Art Innovators because it enables them to work with children, and it doesn’t demand a lot of their time so it’s easy to balance with their home life. Start up cost is also low with just $9,990 franchise fee making this cheap among franchises, and the portable business model means there is no need to operate a storefront. These are all attractive features for busy moms.

Maid Simple

This is another home based franchise comes with low start up costs, and simple operations. But those aren’t the only reasons why moms might like starting a Maid Simple house cleaning franchise.

“It offers flexibility of scheduling,” says Joel Lazarovitz, vice president of Maid Simple. “It allows you to explore that entrepreneurial spirit and still have time for family and contribute financially to the household. You get lots of freedom.”

Made in the Shade

This window coverings business can be great because it too is home-based. It also taps into a large market. All buildings have windows, and all windows need coverings. Moms with a penchant for home decoration could be perfect for Made in the Shade.

“Truly, this can be a very lucrative and fun business for anyone, but particularly the working Mom,” says Cathy Morse, founder and owner of Made in the Shade. “This is perfect for your stay at home mom market.”

The Lunch Lady

The Lunch Lady delivers fresh lunches to kids at school, providing nutritious eats for the young ones of today. Moms love this franchise for many reasons.

“We have a lot of moms in our network of Lunch Ladies who love the fact that once the lunches are delivered they come back to their kitchen to do some clean up and prep work for the next day, but can then go home or pick up their kids from school and enjoy family time,” says Nancy Criconet, director of franchise development.

“A lot of our mom franchise partners service the schools where their kids attend,” says Criconet. “This is special for families to have this connection and reinforces the pride of the good work we do. Moms really appreciate the service we provide, preparing and delivering healthy and affordable hot lunches to their kids and giving a portion of the proceeds to the schools.”

There are many great opportunities out there for moms and these are just a few. We encourage you to browse our listings to find one that’s right for you if none of these ones sound appealing.