Pest Control in Canada: Your Next Franchise?


Although it might not be at the immediate top of anyone's Canadian franchise search list, the area of pest control can be a solid business. The Government of Canada reports that in 2016, 86 percent of all pest control businesses were profitable and earned nearly $300,000 a year on average ( There are always pests in homes, businesses and public buildings, so this can be a solid franchise opportunity for the right person.


Within the pest control sector itself, there are loads of options. Some brands focus on specific areas, like insects ranging from mosquitoes to bed bugs, while others tackle small birds and animals such as raccoons and squirrels. Before you decide what you want to do, here's what to consider.


Training is crucial


Clearly, knowing exactly how to handle the different pests your brand tackles and any chemicals or equipment involved is paramount to your success. If you can't operate tools or evaluate infestations properly, you will lose repeat business and could even end up damaging a client's home or business.


Look for brands that provide full and ongoing training and support in these areas. Since you may also need certifications depending on what you are doing and provincial laws, it's helpful to have a franchiser who can assist you in getting these certifications.


Marketing really matters


Marketing is necessary for just about any business, but the pest control sector has some special considerations. People don't call pest control services until they are already panicking or frustrated, so you'll want to go with a brand that has found a way to be effective in these high-pressure scenarios.


Keep in mind that if your area or the area you want to cover doesn't have a pest control business, you'll stand a better chance of success. Research which pest services are available where you want to operate, as there could be a niche opportunity as well. If, for example, there are a lot of hotels nearby but no company focusing on bed bugs, you could find yourself with an immediate client list.


A pest control business may be the right franchise for you if you're comfortable with direct client contact, you like helping people and you don't mind working unpredictable hours. Before you decide on a pest control business, research all the brands available in your area so you can make a fully informed decision.

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