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Apr 14, 2008

Successful Site Selection

The number one reason for business failure or negative performance is a poor location. A poor location ultimately results from poor site selection. Consider that identical stores from the same chain...
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Dec 17, 2007

Do you make the Leap?

We in the franchising field are of a special ilk. We are in operating business like restaurants, dry cleaners, and video stores but operate inside a specialty designed business model called...
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Nov 14, 2007

Creative Developments in Franchising:

By: Lori Karpman, President & CEO, Lori Karpman & Associates Ltd. The term “Franchising” as generally understood, describes a very specific and defined business model. Over the past few years this...
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Oct 16, 2007

Top 10 Reasons To Buy a Franchise

Although there are more than ten good reasons to invest in a franchise opportunity, your decision to go into business has a lot to do with lifestyle and financial benefits. Whether a home-based,...
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Sep 27, 2007

Can I be of Service???

#content p {margin-bottom:12px;} This issue is dedicated to franchises in the service industry. It’s a timely issue as this segment of the franchise industry has seen the greatest growth over the...
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Sep 19, 2007

Buying a Franchise-What Should You Know?

When buying a Franchise, you buy a lot more than the bricks and mortar and the inventory that stocks the shelves. In fact, what you’re actually buying are the things that you can’t see and often the...
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Jul 5, 2007


Peter Macrae Dillon Telephone: 800-816-9596 ext. 7818 E-mail: Admitted to the Ontario Bar in 1988 Admitted to the New York Bar in 2005 Peter is the...
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