Franchise Articles

Aug 17, 2020

Protecting Your Investment

Having a Canadian franchise of your own can be a rewarding experience, and it's generally easier than starting a business from the ground up alone because you will have the franchisor's support...
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Jul 14, 2020

Financing Your Canadian Franchise Online

Many franchisees search for funding from multiple sources, even if they only do so to have a backup for the typical ups and downs of a business. Usually, they end up looking at avenues such...
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Jun 28, 2020

Franchisee Finance Health

Franchisee Finance Health: Are You Checking Your Daily Numbers? While there are often some complex aspects of franchise financial management--such as during tax time--the financial data...
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Jun 23, 2020

Is Cash No Longer King?

Cash, they say, is king. But as of 2020, that's likely to change in Canada and many other places going forward. If you're still nervous about touching shopping carts, subway seats and...
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Jun 3, 2020

All About Franchising with Your Family

As we all know, you can't chose your family, but as a Canadian franchisee, you can decide whether they are involved in your franchise. If you want to bring your family into your new...
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May 22, 2020

How's Your Business Plan Looking?

Before you start any new business, you will need a solid plan for success. Not only will a lender want to see your plan for your new Canadian franchise before approving financing, but...
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