Franchise News

Jun 2, 2017

Ewyn Studios Hits 25 Location-Mark

In just six years, a workout and weight loss business that was started in a garage in an Ontario town has landed its 25th location. EWYN, or "Exactly What You Need" Studios, was founded by Dean...
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Apr 21, 2017

CALIBURGER - Meet Flippy - World's First...

Flipping burgers has never been a popular job. In fact, it's something that is used unfairly as a "motivator" at times, as in, "If you don't succeed, you may end up flipping burgers!" As it turns...
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Feb 25, 2017

Ontario’s Recent Reward Points Move

Reward programs are found in many Canadian franchise businesses, from restaurants to retailers and service providers. These programs entice customers to return and buy more while helping to...
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Feb 20, 2017

Mathnasium: Education in Action

People in specific professions are often expected to do more than just clock in each day, and this is certainly true of teachers. With the future of our children and society in their hands, we...
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