Real Property Management Franchisee, Jeff McDonald

Author: Real Property Management

Date: JUN 9th, 2016

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

BTB: What made you choose Real Property Management from all the franchise opportunities you looked at?

JM: Having Known the Franchisor and their track record for success made it an easy decision to get involved with a real estate franchise system they were providing. RPM and I had worked well together on transactions in the past and the system and model made perfect sense to work with a top tier organization on both fronts.


BTB: Can you describe the support you got from the Real Property Management head office team as you got started?

JM: The team at Real Property Management Head Office has been amazing. From Training to on boarding and understanding the goggle drive systems there has never been a question they would not address or lend a hand with.


BTB: What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

JM: Persistence and showing up ready to face the tasks at hand. Starting any new business from an entrepreneurial sense means a constant learning and adaptive curve. Knowledge and experience are your best assets and the RPM franchise provides a huge boost to overcoming and managing the daily tasks.


BTB: Describe the most rewarding part of owning your business?
JM: The daily challenges and overcoming them one day, one week, and one month at a time. Meeting with individual clients and realtors and suppliers and forming a network and framework within. This creates its own synergy and the opportunity for collaborative effort that leaves one feeling accomplished at the end of each day.


BTB: What are your goals going forward?

JM: To build a solid business clientele and a reputation for excellent and reliable service. To grow the RPM Metro location into a thriving office serving many hundreds of satisfied clients. Then to open another office or two within the Lower Mainland.


BTB: What goals did you have when you joined Real Property Management?

JM: To open and build a brand new location and brand within the GVRD. To grow from 0-20 doors within the first 6 months and to ultimately grow to over a hundred doors within 18 months. To build local awareness quickly and to gain respect and market share within the community of realtors, landlords and trades.


BTB: What advice would you give to a potential franchisee?

JM: To always find ways to re charge your focus and surround yourself with support and training for all aspects of owning, operating and managing your business. Ask for help when needed and create opportunities whenever and wherever possible to grow your public awareness space.


BTB: What are the biggest advantages that Real Property Management gives you in your business? (eg marketing, negotiating with vendors, support, etc.)

JM: The Real Property Management Brand and name gives me a tremendous advantage as a new name with a proven track record to back it up. People are interested in the newcomer. Established providers know there is always room for added and welcomed competition. Having the power of over 300 offices gives us the clout to say hey, we get this let us help you.


BTB: How does Real Property Management help you to differentiate yourself from your competition? (brand recognition, advertising, etc, location?)

JM: RPM is a new entity in Vancouver and yet we have existed for 25Plus years. This allows me to introduce ourselves as the new kids in town with a major pedigree in the business in a proven business model North America wide. Welcome us to Vancouver as we are what you have been looking for.