Millennials in Franchising - Gorilla Franchisee


Date: MAY 10th, 2019

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

Millennials in Franchising

Meet Paul, a 28 year old university graduate and millennial entrepreneur.      Paul, tell me a little about your work history?

Paul:      Like most kids in high school/college, I worked in retail, fast food and lucky enough to land a great job at a golf course.      What did you learn from those experiences?

Paul:      Working hard for your employer is a great investment in your future and creating a positive culture in a company is one of the keys to success (and happiness) The end result was that the owners of those companies benefited the most with ROI, lifestyle and equity in their businesses. I wanted to be a business owner! :      Did you further your education after high school?

Paul:      Yes, I graduated with a Business Degree.       Why did you choose to buy a franchise, rather than starting your own business or getting a corporate job?

Paul:      In the short term, the investment was safer, with the branding, marketing strategies, operational processes and technology systems already built.   I also believe that the brand, with the leadership of the organization, will increase in awareness and ultimately my franchise will be more valuable.             Did you consider any other businesses?

Paul:      Unfortunately, as a recent university graduate, money and credit were limited, so my options were fewer.       What captured your interest in Gorilla Property Services as a franchise?

Paul:      The industry is dominated by independent businesses wanting to be everything to all people. The focus of Gorilla Property Services is working primarily with the property managers, government institutions and business owners. Our services are in high demand, yield high margins, low cost of entry and the culture (support, fun and competitiveness) is unparalleled. As a partner, I wanted to feel supported and  a valued part of the organization.       Where do you see yourself in the future?

Paul:      The biggest fear for me was starting a business. Now that I have overcome that, this brand is one of 4 brands being offered under the Feels Like Friday Service brands and my intention is to own multiple service brands in my area to fully diversify and leverage the relationships I have built to service ALL of my clients needs.

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