DoctorScreen - Toronto West Franchise - Brian Carlos

Author: Dr. Screen

Date: SEP 15th, 2016

Topic: Spotlight on a Franchisee

DoctorScreen - Toronto West Franchise - Brian Carlos

Hello everyone and thanks for taking the time to get to know more about me, Brian Carlos, DoctorScreen - Toronto West, and other franchise opportunities.  After having spent many years trying my hand at different trades within different companies (from IT services to crane operator and from house renovations to high-end granite and marble projects), I’ve come to realize that I was meant to be an entrepreneur and business owner.  I just needed the right business to grow into and to help grow.  By investing in DoctorScreen I have also invested in me. What made you decide to own your own business instead of being an employee of a company?

Brian Carlos: For most of my life I’ve worked for other businesses, both big and small.  I’ve been able to see the positives, the negatives and the challenges. Now I can look at how I want my own business to operate. I want my customers and employees to be satisfied in the day’s work.  Being your own boss means you work hard, but you also get to work according to your values and ethics too.

BTB: What made you choose Doctor Screen from the opportunities you looked at?

BC: DoctorScreen allows me to build my own business within a simple and supportive framework. This structure and support from Head Office allows me to pursue business opportunities independently while also receiving leads and jobs also being pursued by Head Office simultaneously. It is a winning combination.

BTB: Can you describe the support you have received/continue to receive from the Doctor Screen head office team as you got started and on an ongoing basis?

BC: The information, hands-on and immediate support from the Head Office has been immeasurable. They have given me more confidence in my abilities to run this business well into the future and to help my own franchise and the company as a whole grow bigger and better. Greg has been an invaluable asset to me during this transition.

BTB: What do you like best about this business?

BC: There is variety and flexibility in this work. It is also growing every day and offering more services which allow for every day to be different. There are large projects which require coordination of many things and then there are simple and quick jobs.  On the few “slower” days that there may be there is still opportunity to do business and plan for the next project.  Also, there is a wide variety of people and businesses that I come into contact with so it always allows me to meet different people, from all walks of life.  I get immense satisfaction from a job well-done, great workmanship, quality service and a happy customer.

BTB: Has business ownership held any surprises for you?

BC: Not really. I was prepared for having to be organized and timely with receipts, purchases and billing. The learning curve was not too steep for setting all of this up and maintaining regularly. As I grow I may need more assistance with this, but for now I am able to manage this as well as the daily work on my own. I am trying to further automate my business with new technology to make payments methods more accessible to the general public.

BTB: Has it met or surpassed your expectations, and if so, in what way has it done so?

BC: Being a DoctorScreen franchise owner has definitely met and surpassed my expectations.  I set the bar fairly low for the first year, allowing me lots of room to learn and grow.  Already I am seeing the results of good work done and how this leads to other avenues for future projects.  The expansion of products and services is already happening and I can see how busy the next year is going to shape up to be. 

BTB: What aspects of the business were particularly important to you when considering this opportunity?

BC: Before investing in DoctorScreen and my own franchise I connected with several of the other franchise owners to get their feedback.  They all had positive experiences and have seen growth as well.   They let me know what to expect and they were bang on. The Head Office has provided great support individually as well as solid marketing and branding, which helps to grow the business as a whole and within each franchise area.  I can schedule my own days which allows me to have some flexibility for family life when I need it.

BTB: What are the biggest advantages that Doctor Screen gives you in your business?

BC: DoctorScreen continues to take on the task of the larger marketing on behalf of all the franchisees, however we are also able to do our own marketing within our individual areas.  Head Office is always working on bigger projects which can impact many of the owners.   Supplies and negotiating lower costs are looked after by the Head Office which allows me more time to focus on doing the daily jobs and growing the business.  Franchise owners often will help one another out when something larger comes up.  There is great support and communication from Head Office as well as from the other franchise owners.  I can’t say enough about what a positive experience becoming a DoctorScreen franchisee has been for me.